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A Great Time!

My dad person & I got some quality play time in recently.  I was playing with Blue, a Hartz Dura Play toy, which is my very favorite at the moment!

I’m flying!

Hurry up, kick it!

Can you see me at the very far edge of the yard?

Whew, I’m worn out just thinking about it.

I hope you had a ball with someone you love today!


Tough Toys for Big Chewers

I’m a big chewer.  I chew through stuffies in no time, (I’m usually not allowed to have many of them anymore), and ruin plain rubber chew toys, leaving bits a rubber everywhere.

Here are the top toys that have held up to my jaws of steel!

Hartz Dura Play Toys

These toys are super!  They’re soft & squishy, they squeak, and no matter what I do I can’t chew through them. 

Holey Roller

The Holey Roller has lots of great places to grip, but even though I chew away at it, it doesn’t show any signs of wear.  This toy is perfect for holding a Milk Bone making me work for my treats.

Ruffians Octopus Dog Toy

My faithful Octopus!  Now I will admit to eating off his 8 little nubbin legs, but other than that I have no faults with this toy.  He holds up to my strong chewing and makes my little fuzzy heart happy when he squeaks!

This post was not sponsored by any toy companies, just my suggestions for big chewers!

My mom person has been very bad about visiting all of my friends lately, so I’m going to make her do that today!