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I’m Trying To Sleep

You know it’s not often when I agree with the kitties that live here.  They were here before me and still seem to harbor resentment about my arrival, often smacking me in the woozle for no reason.

But this time we are on the same side.  While trying to sleep every night my mom person continually gets in the way.  Moe likes to sleep on the outside of the bed & I like to sleep in the middle.

The problem is my mom person’s legs & feet are limiting our space!

This photo is not very good, because I had to force my mom person to take it with her cell phone.  The things sticking up between Moe & I are my mom person’s legs.

All night long she is trying to move in the bed disturbing Moe’s & more importantly my sleep.  Then my mom person has the nerve to complain that we “are in the way”, and “she can’t move all night.”

This happens every night, causing me to lose sleep and require extra naps during the day, which keeps me from patrolling my yard properly.

Any suggestions on how to get my mom person to take up less of the bed are welcomed!

Kitty Caturday

So my mom person was lucky enough to work with Pet Dreams and get me a super high quality dog bed.  She reviewed it on Pet Blogs United if you’re interested in checking it out.

Well my dog bed only has one problem…Chloe!

I don’t know if she thinks she’s a dog or what, but she is getting awfully cozy in my dog bed.


Would someone please tell Chloe that she isn’t a dog!