The Scarlet Puppynickel Strikes Again!

All I can do is raise my paws to the sky & proclaim the evilness of this Scarlet Puppynickel. If you do not know he is a globetrotting trouble-dog who will come into your home, do dastardly deeds and escape leaving the innocent pup of the house to face the consequences.

So far he seems to have struck mainly miniature schnauzers. My good friends JD & Max from the U.K. were to first to report on his destructive ways. Then, proving he is no gentleman Puppynickel traveled to Australia to torment the beautiful Sasha!

Now I’m sorry to report, that I, too, have been a victim of the Scarlet Puppynickel.

I was minding my own business yesterday, thinking of nothing like going out and getting myself filthy by digging in the mud…


When the first signs started to appear. Mud tracked into the house!


And onto the white bathroom rug!


But the blasted Puppynickel didn’t stop there. Before he made his escape, he must have wiped mud onto my paws as I was sleeping!!

The next thing I knew disaster struck.


A truly innocent dog, I was being punished for Puppynickel’s deeds…with a bath!!!


This devil dog is a genius. Look at how much mud he managed to rub on my paws without me even knowing it!


At the end of my ordeal this is what’s left of me. A wet, shell of a dog, who has been bathed for a crime he didn’t commit.



*Shaking paw in the air* I’ll get you for this Puppynickel, if it’s the last thing I do!

*I’ve just learned that poor Nellie and little Calvert, two more innocent schnauzers, have had their homes attacked by the Scarlet Puppynickel!



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  1. Oh my goodness, this is frightening! But there must be a bright side, I bet your were all perfurmed after your bath!
    Purrs and love

  2. Oh, Oskar!

    That Scarlet Puppynickel is turning out to be much more talented than we previously thought – that's an awful lot of mud!

    I hope you are recovering from the trauma of it all – possibly some intensive napping would help.

    Puppy kisses

  3. Oskar ~
    We are truly sorry; you are but an innocent victim to this dastardly Puppynickle!

    Poor Calvert had an encounter with him not too long ago amd he is still recovering.


    The only thing that has eased Calvert’s nerves has been daily cookie treats 😉 and lots of belly rubs. I am sure your mommy will do the same. As for the bath, well I’m sure that this was a step that had to be taken to drive away the evil spirit that is the Puppynickle!

    You are not alone my friend; together we will find and punish this evilness.


    Nellie and Calvert

  4. Oskar, the horror, of all the punishments, why must it be the evil bath. You are innocent I know it. I hope he doesn't strike here now that he is nearby in Michigan. Keep watch my friend.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  5. Hi Oskar,

    Boy, this story sounds familiar, in fact we've been hearing simular threatening noises around here all day!

    Come by and see us,
    Riley and Star.

  6. Thanks Oskar,

    I think you're pretty cute too!

    Thanks for signing our guestbook.

    We're so glad that you are our brand new friend. We'll have lots of fun!

    Guess what Oskar, I think the Scarlet Puppynickel is coming to our house tonight. What is this, an epidemic? We'll keep you posted.

    Luv, Star and Riley.

  7. That was so funny! So well written and the photos are perfect. What an awesome blog!
    Also, thank you for your kind comments for Blackie. I posted an update on my blog.

  8. Ooh…what a terrible thing that Scarlet Puppynickel did by rubbing mud onto your paws!! I better keep a watchout that he doesn't strike here in Malaysia, but then he was in our neighbour country, Singapore where Vodka was a victim!

    – Santa

  9. Hi Oskar – we're quite distraught that the darstedly puppynickel has struck again. What cunning this mysterious pup has – when we heard he had wiped mup onto your paws we were almost (not quite – but almost!) speechless (and our female human collapsed into fits of giglges for some STRANGE and UNSYMPATHETIC reason!) Us dogs of the world must unite and rise up against this fiend! The gorgeous Sasha is right – intensive napping will surely help you recover! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  10. ummmm–Holy crap! look at all the mud pupmpernickel dumped on you. keep him away from canada please, our bathtub would be plugged for years if that happened to us!

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