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Camera Critters

Camera Critters

My good friend Bruce tagged me to play a game where I list

7 Reasons I’m Awesome:

1. I’m excessively handsome

2. I’m a miniature schnauzer. (We rock, just ask any of us!)

3. I’m a good blogger

4. I look great in a hat and make a yummy birthday cake

5. I’m a great hippity hunter

6. I’m ever vigilant on the hunt for the Scarlet Puppynickel

7. I’ll protect my bathtub from any thunderstorm

I challenge all of you Camera Critters to list 7 reasons why you’re awesome! Play along & then come back & tell me. I wanna know why you’re awesome.


Working Hard To Relax

After my terrifying run-in with the Scarlet Puppynickel, I’m taking the advice of my bloggy friends who have been here before me. I’m taking extra naps to recover, while trying to watch out for the Puppynickel.

You see there is an adorable shis tzu, Sasha, that lives right here in my own town. I’d feel terrible if he got her too. I’m hoping that since she’s not a miniature schnauzer, she will be spared, but you never know.

I’m trying to sleep, if you’re not scritching my belly to soothe me, go away.

OK, that’s better.

Hmm, I better go & check for Puppynickel, have you got my back?

Hmm, the coast looks clear, I better find another place to rest. This is my boy John’s bed/couch.

Uh oh, did you hear that?

This where I was napping when he smeard the mud on my paws, so I have to be careful.

Still no Puppynickel, I’d better go rest. I’ll try John’s chair this time.

*sigh* I must stay vigilant. There will be no true resting until I know the Scarlet Puppynickel is caught.


The Scarlet Puppynickel Strikes Again!

All I can do is raise my paws to the sky & proclaim the evilness of this Scarlet Puppynickel. If you do not know he is a globetrotting trouble-dog who will come into your home, do dastardly deeds and escape leaving the innocent pup of the house to face the consequences.

So far he seems to have struck mainly miniature schnauzers. My good friends JD & Max from the U.K. were to first to report on his destructive ways. Then, proving he is no gentleman Puppynickel traveled to Australia to torment the beautiful Sasha!

Now I’m sorry to report, that I, too, have been a victim of the Scarlet Puppynickel.

I was minding my own business yesterday, thinking of nothing like going out and getting myself filthy by digging in the mud…


When the first signs started to appear. Mud tracked into the house!


And onto the white bathroom rug!


But the blasted Puppynickel didn’t stop there. Before he made his escape, he must have wiped mud onto my paws as I was sleeping!!

The next thing I knew disaster struck.


A truly innocent dog, I was being punished for Puppynickel’s deeds…with a bath!!!


This devil dog is a genius. Look at how much mud he managed to rub on my paws without me even knowing it!


At the end of my ordeal this is what’s left of me. A wet, shell of a dog, who has been bathed for a crime he didn’t commit.



*Shaking paw in the air* I’ll get you for this Puppynickel, if it’s the last thing I do!

*I’ve just learned that poor Nellie and little Calvert, two more innocent schnauzers, have had their homes attacked by the Scarlet Puppynickel!