We’re still here!  My mom person is still trying to sort out the tangled mess that is her brain.

There’s not alot going on to write about, but I thought I’d share this picture of me laughing and having fun!

Oh, & guess what?  My youngest boy Jack got his drivers license and a car.

My mom persons tummy hurts just thinking about him out there on his own!


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  1. Howdy Oscar, sorry your mum is having a bit of trouble but we are here to say hello. Well done on your boy Jack getting a license and a car. Our littlest brother is learning to drive now too. Mum says after teaching five kids to drive, that’s why she needs hair colour hehehe. Take care and hugs to all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory
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  2. I really hope your mom gets better soon!
    Aaaand the boy with a new car!
    Take care happy Oskar!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Oh, that is an awesome pic Oskar!! I’ve been keepin’ my paws crossed for your Moms. You keep lookin’ after her, and I know she’ll be aces soon! Wows, your brudder is drivin’???? So much fun!! Wells, except for your Moms anxiety level! BOL
    POTP! Sendin’ AireZens….


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  4. You look soooo handsome, Oskar. I’ve missed you.

    Smooches, Bella

    We think your Mum’s tummy is going to be hurting for awhile.

    XXXOOO Daisy and Roxy

  5. It’s scary when the little ones get out on the road… (maybe that’s why my growned up human still doesn’t drive…?)

    Hope you’re mumma is travelling well. We still admire her for talking about mental health, the more people share the more understanding will grow.

    Lickes and waggles, Dougall.
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  6. Howdy Oskar, it’s great to seez youz 🙂 Wow, that’s great Jack getting his licence and a car….Drive carefully Jack, and well done..
    Big Hugs to you all…hope Mommy is feeling a bit better 🙂

    xxx000xx Mollie and Alfie
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  7. So glad to see you Oskar!!! And your Mom person!!! I miss you and checkm everyday to see if you have posted!!! I pray for you all!!! (my mom person wrote this for me, no computer at home)

  8. Yo Oskar! All of us have to be very patient with our hoomans, my excessively handsome woofie friend. You just keep on cheering and taking care of your mummy, ok? She’ll be alright. har har har *evil laughs*

  9. Good to see you, Oskar – you do look like one happy boy! Give your Mom some snooter smoochies from us. And tell her that being worried about your brother is just a natural part of being Mom:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Oskar you have a very winning smile!! Give your mom a huggie for two reasons…because we care and because my Mom knows what it feels like to let her baby get behind a car with all the crazy out there. Tell her we know she did a good job of training him
    Hugs Madi and Mom
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  11. Hi Oskar
    So good to see your cute face!
    I know your smiles make your mom feel better.
    And your brother driving? Well I bet he drives just fine.
    Tell mom not to worry

  12. Hi Oskar,
    My daddy is better today after 3 weeks of being not so good. Me is sure your Mommy will feels better soon too! And the car thing…me remembers when my human brother started driving! Mommy was so worried!

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