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Moe On Monday

Someone thinks the cats deserve more face time on this blog which happens to be called, “The Daily Oskar“!

Yes, Moe is playing with Chloe’s tail…fascinating.

Some people are confused by my realtionship with the cats that live here because I’m great friends with so many kitty bloggers.  Well the kitty bloggers don’t swot my nose as I walk by for no apparent reason!  Miss Chloe & Miss Moe do.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Oskar.


Chloe’s Computer

My mom person got a new laptop, but someone else thinks it belongs to them.

This has completely gone to her head.  Now she’s all “I’m a blogger, too!”  Uh no, your just a weird cat!

It wasn’t even turned on, so she wasn’t laying on it because it was warm.

“I AM a blogger.  I want a blog!”

I almost feel bad for the chubby, fuzzy beastie.  Almost.

“You cannot resist my coy glance.  Blog me woman!”


Chloe & Her Nip Pillow

Moe doesn’t really like catnip, but Chloe loves it!  She even uses her nip tea bag for a pillow, see:

You can see Moe is happy on her bed.  That bed is supposed to be mine by the way.  I will be taking it back come springtime to use for my camping bed!

Hmm, I wonder if I barked right now, what would happen…