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Bath Time Oskar Style

Someone had to have a bath this weekend.  It wasn’t too bad though because they used some new Royal Pet Club Mediterranean Sea Breeze shampoo and conditioner on me.  It smells more like boy stuff, so I didn’t come out smelling like a fruit salad this time.

Then they let me outside & came at me with the towel of doom.  I have to warn you what happened next is not pretty.

In the end I emerge victorious and smelling like a sea breeze.  Watch for our review of Royal Pet Club shampoo & conditioner on Pet Blogs United later this week.


5:00 AM…Really?

My mom person got up at 5 AM and said, “Oskar let’s go blog, what should we write about?”

We should write about how it’s 5 AM and you woke me up.

And we can write about how it’s nice to curl up in a pile of quilts in the middle of a sun puddle…

and go to sleep while your crazy mom person is blogging.

She may be my mom person, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mad as a hatter!


Little Spring Flowers

Today my mom person wanted to post a picture of me sitting in all of the little wildflowers in the back yard.

I sat and let her take a picture of me.

She wasn’t happy with that picture.  I wasn’t happy with sitting there.

I left.  It’s spring, with things to see & smell & do!  I don’t want to sit still with that flashy box in my face!

Here is another picture of the flowers to tide you over.

I hope whatever you do today, it does not involve sitting still on a glorious spring day, unless it’s your idea!

A Bath Before Grooming???

So my peeps in their delusional state infinite wisdom decided that before I went for my grooming, I had to have a bath.  These people are just into torture, I’m sure of it. 

Here are some always fun post bath crazies.

Hi mom!

Here’s a gratuitous shot of my adorable curly-haired nubbin butt post bath.

Now let me out so I can get this pina colada stink off me!


VET Is a Four Letter Word

Hey guys,

We missed a couple days cause my mom person missed the hospital so much that she went back on Sunday.  This time it was her pancreas having a hissy fit.  She figures her spleen will be next. *eyeroll*

On Saturday I had to endure the VET!  They are always so nice, “Oh hi, Oskar”, “What a nice boy you are, Oskar”, then BOOM out comes the thermometer!

The door’s right here, can you just open it for me??

There are a lot of cool smells in here…smells like doggies tears.

I’m hiding out!

Hey, just take me home & I’ll be good, I promise!

My dad person loves me, surely he’ll get me out of this mess…

Look how horrifying this place looks!

Hello, Dr. Lady…keep that probe thingy to yourself.


I better leave pee-mail to warn all the other critters!

They took some of my blood, gave me shots & stuck a probe up my hiney!  The good news is that I’m healthy & I don’t have to go back for a long time.


Her Last Marble Just Rolled Away!

Oskar here to tell you what time it is at our house.  5:36 AM.  Now for some of you that might be a normal time to wake up, but my mom person never went to bed!

She got on some kind of manic streak & decided to tackle her inbox which had over 4,700 e-mails that had to be sorted and some even responded to.  4,700!  How do you let it get that bad.

And while I admire her commitment, couldn’t she do it like a normal person and do them a hundred or so at a time?

I can’t sleep because she keeps conversing with me, at 5:30 in the morning!

Ugh, the things we have to put up with all because we don’t have any thumbs and are not tall enough to reach the cookie jar.

A very sleepy Oskar signing off & heading back to dreamland.


Kitty Caturday

My mom person spent some of the money she could have spent on me to get the cats a new tunnel.

It’s been an abject failure.

This is as far as either of the cats has venutred into it.  She even sprinkled some powerful catnip in there to entice them.

You’ll notice that Chloe’s rear fills up most of the entryway, BOL!

Next time I hope the woman comes to her senses and gets more toys for me instead.  The cats do not appreciate the finer things in life.