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The Story About Our Cats

Many people ask why I don’t like that cats that live here with me, but I have many cat blogging friends.

The cats that live with me swot me on the nose for no good reason at any given time.

I’m very respectful of them, even when they stick their noses in my bum!  Here’s proof.

Now Chloe has no good reason for being back there, except to bother me.  And she bothers me whenever she feels like it.  I don’t bark at the kitties, I don’t chase them, but they live to antagonize me!

I’d love to be their friends if only they would learn to play nice.  However it is my understanding that cats consider themselves above the rules, and probably won’t change anytime soon!


Silly Moe!

So my mom person has been using a camera belonging to John, my oldest boy.  It’s a big fancy camera that she doesn’t know how to use.  Case in point; she’s taken pictures for days, never realizing that the memory card was not in the camer, bwah hahaha!

I have to show you how one of our cats, Moe, sleeps.

Yep, she’s a face sleeper.  That doesn’t stop her from snoring like a big old man person, though.

This is how it should be done!


Kitty Caturday

My mom person says I have to share my blog more with the kitties, Chloe & Moe.  Since she’s making me I’m a good dog I said OK.

Here’s Chloe in her new box.  It makes her eaiser to ship far away makes her really happy.

Here’s Moe in front of my personal space heater.  I hope she doesn’t singe her furs.

I really would like them alot better if they’d stop popping me in the nose for no good reason!


No, Moe!

I was sitting here this morning minding my own business, when I see what Moe is up to.

Not only is she hogging my personal space heater, she is about to chomp on my Galileo chew toy!

My mom didn’t capture what happened next, but here is me afterwards.

I’ve gotten used to sharing my personal space heater, but don’t touch my Galileo!  Sorry Moe…sort of.


Moe On Monday

Someone thinks the cats deserve more face time on this blog which happens to be called, “The Daily Oskar“!

Yes, Moe is playing with Chloe’s tail…fascinating.

Some people are confused by my realtionship with the cats that live here because I’m great friends with so many kitty bloggers.  Well the kitty bloggers don’t swot my nose as I walk by for no apparent reason!  Miss Chloe & Miss Moe do.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Oskar.


Mo-Cats Day

After a brief spin around the internet this morning, I found out that today is Mo-Cats day.

You can read more about it on my friend Brian’s blog.

Well I figured for Mo-Cats day I would show you Moe, one of the cats that lives here with me.

My mom person says I have to mention the yo-yo quilt bed cover that Moe is laying on.  Her mother made it for her by hand!

It lived in the closet for 2 years because my mom person didn’t want us pets to ruin it, but then she got sad cause she couldn’t enjoy it.  So out of the closet it came & we four-leggers do our best not to get crazy on the pretty thing!

Anyway, back to me, I want to wish all my feline friends a happy Mo-Cat day!


Moe on Monday

Here is my kitty sister Moe (short for Maureen) in her hidey house trying to get some sleep.  Even she can’t escape the all powerful flashy box!

We may not have a lot of time to visit after today because my mom person’s grandma passed away, so she’ll be busy with sad funeral stuff for a couple of days & then Thursday she flies out, without me, to the big BlogHer Conference in San Diego.

Have a great week!


International Box Day

Since it’s International Box Day & I don’t do boxes, I thought that I would let Moe be in the spotlight today.  She loves this box & has a little ball that stays in it that she rolls around.  Sounds boring to me, but whatever!

Uh-oh, here comes Chloe wanting to have some box fun too!

There you have it folks, International Box Day Moe style!