Joy, Charlie & Sammy Rock!!

O.K., so yesterday my mom person came in and said I had a package in the mail. I didn’t recall ordering anything, so I was stumped.

Well, when we opened the card, we found out it was from our friend Joy from Joy To The Blog & her pets Charlie & Sammy.

They knew that I had worried about the cats that live here throwing up on my nesting pillows,


so they actually bought me this super cute (but very manly) pillow as a back up !!!


I tried to take it outside, but my mom person said no, it could only go outside if I’m sharing the hammock with someone.


They also sent this cool hoof for me to chew on.


It did make my mom person throw up in her mouth a little bit.


But my boy Jack thought it was cool. He even used it as a nose.


Yes, that is a side mirror behind Jack. A side mirror that is no longer attached to my mom person’s van. She says it’s because my other boy John David drives now. She got kind of excited about it.

Anyway back to me! Good thing I had my new backup pillow.


I thought it would be the cats I needed to fend off from my nest, but it turned out that I had a different traitor in my midst!


So thanks & wags to Joy & Charlie & Sammy. It was really nice of you to think of me. Plus I think the colors of this new pillow are really more me. I think I’m an Autumn!



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  1. Hi Oskar – oh, your new pillow is superb! It's very becoming on you as it really shows off your colouring a treat – you're right, you are SO an autumn! And a very handsome autumn might we add…. We LOVE the look of your chewy hoof too – our female human made a funny gagging noise when she saw it but we think it looks yummylicious! Tail wags – JD and Max.

  2. mmm? nice pillow…might need to hint to my mom/person about this one!

    How nice of your pals…

    Enjoy the pillow is YOU!

    Paws UP!

  3. Wow Oskar! What a great surprise! Joy, Charlie and Sammy are really nice friends, your new pillow is sooooo manly cute!!! 😛 New color to a dog life, huh?!

    Much love!

  4. We think our momma would urp up a little, too, but she'd be a good sport and give it to us anyway. Your new nesting pillow is so cool! All those colors really highlight your lovely furs!

  5. Oh Oskar, we are super-happy that you liked your surprises! The colors do look good against your fur. You pose so nicely with it too, you are such a charmer.

    I'm sorry to hear your mom person got kinda sick-feeling at the hoof but I bet she will think it's worth it when she sees you gnaw the heck out of it!

  6. Oh, you lucky boy! What a pawsome piddow! And it definately is pretty – in a manly way.

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzzi & Xena

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