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Christmas Presents From Sagira

Jazzi hosts a wonderful Blogville Christmas Exchange every year & this year Iwas lucky enough to get my gifts from the lovely Sagira, from Sagira’s Agility Adventures.

First I got a snazzy collar & leash set.  Aqua blue & brown really set of my fur, don’t you think?

Here’s a better picture of the collar and the leash next to each other so you can see the pattern.

Then there was this great squeaky guy.

He got taken away after I preformed some much needed emergency surgery on his appendages.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my mom person pulled treats out of the box.  Man, that Sagira is one generous and thoughtful gal!

 Oh, you want a picture where you can see the treats without me attacking them, here you go.

But best of all was the pawsome letter that Sagira sent me.

I love being a part of the Blogville community and want to thank Jazzi for hosting the exchange & especially Sagira for sending me such nice things.

I hope you had some pawsome presents under your tree!


Presents from The Booker Man & Asa!

My good friend The Booker Man, sent me some amazing presents after I won a contest on his blog!

Look at this package!

Look how well behaved I am being!

Holy cow, it’s the motherlode!

Look how cool this is!  A picture of The Booker Man & Asa.

I can smell them!

This stuff rocks!

What do you mean the paper needs to come off, I’m ready to play!

Thank you so much guys!  2 bags of treats & 3 awesome toys!  You guys will be reading more about them later this week!

My Beautiful New Food Bowl

My mom person was very surprised yesterday when a big box arrived at our door.  It was from an address we didn’t recognize.  Quite puzzling…

We were shocked to see this note telling us this was from the wonder JD, Max & their female human, Clare.  We are running out of adjectives to describe how generous and wonderful they are.

Well I needed to know what is in there, they always send such great stuff!

This is what we found once we got all the paper stuff out…and then there was this!

This amazing new food dish for me.  The detail is so pretty.  Flowers, a dragonfly & a lovely fairy.  I was thrilled with my new dish.

It’s a perfect size, umm, you can fill it now.

What?  Oh yeah, there’s something else in the box.  I’ll check that out too, then you can fill my bowl.  A most large and beautiful candle!

Oh, it smells wonderful!

Hmm, yes, the candle does fit in my new food bowl nicely. Will you PLEASE fill my food bowl with some food?  A rare steak would do nicely with this calibur of bowl.

This is not right!

I don’t know what she’s thinking!

* Oskar’s mom person here.  I need to mention that this beautiful candle set was donated to Shelby’s Auction, by the Slimmer Pugs.  Thank you so much.  And to Clare, again, thank you for such a beautiful gift.  It’s exactly what I wanted from the auction.


2 Packages in One Day!

Well the other day I started to post about my 2 presents that came in one day! It was so very exciting!

First off we opened this package from the beautiful Sally Ann my mom person told me after looking at the package.


My oldest boy John helped me get it open.


He got a tattoo while I was camping with my people. Mom says John thinks he is from the 70’s!


The note is from Sally Ann (swoon).


I got this really cool non-stuffed stuffie!


Ooh, I’m sure I can smell Sally Ann on it!

Then the second package was from JD & Max, all the way from England. It’s across a bit pond you know!


First I saw newspapers.


I’m not really a big reader. JD & Max’s mom person, Clare sent some newspapers cause my mom person got something from the UK that was wrapped in paper that had naked ladies! My teenage boys thought this was a brilliant way to get teens to read the paper, but my mom person disagreed. JD & Max sensored the “naughty bits” on this paper, but you can see why it was a little startling.


Then I discovered Mr. Rattlesnake!


Mr. Rattlesnake has already been taken away from me since I decided to do surgery on him & got out some of his stuffins!


Ooh, look at these little flags! They turned out to be very tasty little treats.


I immediately grabbed one to take outside. I do enjoy a good picnic.




They also sent this really cool personal fan. When you turn it on the words “Hello Oskar” shows up in the blades somehow. We couldn’t get a picture of that, so you’ll have to take my word for it!


Oh my mom person wanted me to mention that Clare also sent a newspaper without naked women, so that we could see the different types of newspapers they had in England. My boys were not interested in reading that one!

So thank you so much Sally Ann, JD, Max & Clare. Getting pressies is the best surprise ever!


My Amazing Pressies!

Hi everybody. I’m back. Again! I’m trying to keep my mom person healthy for a while so I can get caught up with all of my friends. We have both missed you and appreciate all of your well wishes.

A loooong time ago my best schnauzer friends JD & Max shipped off a package from their house in England to my house in America. The package was carried of the back of fishes (slow fishes) across that big pond-thingie to me. They sent the package to celebrate their 100th post and since I was the very first commenter on their blog.

Now the box took a long time to get here (stupid slow fishes), but this post has taken just as long because my mom person has been busy being sick instead of keeping up with my blogging.

Well let me tell you, when this package finally arrived it was spectauclar! I’ve never gotten such nice things for me & for my people!

When the package got here it looked like it had been thru a lot. I was very impressed because the white sticker says “Royal Mail”. I’m glad places like England give us schnauzers the respect we deserve.

When we got the box open all sorts of wonderful things were just pouring out of the box!

Now I’ve heard the stereotypical things about British food being no good so I was curious about these munchy bones.

This is quite the thing for my mom person, she loves to write lists and this is a blank book just waiting to be filled with lists.

Those Brits are a classy bunch, very formal you know, so they set me up with my own ascot. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any handsomer!

Now since JD & Max were young pups, I’ve been schooling them in the ways of nesting. They sent me this brilliant nesting pillow. I keep this one on the sunporch as the basis for my nest there, my other nest is in the living room. And the saying just speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It’s good to put it in writing so my cats understand, but the thing is I don’t think they can read.

Hmm, here’s a coaster listing the “Schnuauzer Property Laws”. I really wish those cats could read.

This is a lovely bag, what’s it say?

“Schnauzer Mom”, how perfect. My mom person took this to the hospital a couple of times and it made her happy to think about our good friends across the pond.

An apron that my dad person wears when he makes splattery human food. It says “If my schnauzer doesn’t like you, neither will I”. We are quite discerning about the company we keep.

There’s still more, can you believe it?! This has a lovely sentiment on it, but I don’t know why my person keeps calling it a mouse pad. We’ve got no mice and it clearly doesn’t smell like it’s made of mice.

Here’s a wee calender with the sites of Scotland. My mom person looks at it longingly.

I think we should probably get back to those treats.

I think those rumor about British food are rubbish. Trust me that was one tasty bone!

I’ve just got to say to JD & Max & their mom person Clare, that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such wonderful gifts. Our world has become a much better place since we’ve known you. I know that the three of us would rule the world if we weren’t seperated by that lousy pond!


Amazing Pressies!

And they just kept on coming!

My bestest doggie friends JD & Max and their people Clare & Neil have been so generous I can’t even begin to thank them.

Here’s my first package. Hmm, it smells like England!

After a little help opening it, I found this

My mom person explained that it’s called an Advent Calender.

There is a little box for each day of December leading up to Christmas & in each box is a treat!

A very tasty type of treat I might add!

Those British have very sophisticated tastes!

Then I got another package!! This one had a Christmas card.

We couldn’t believe it when we saw what they sent. Now JD & Max’s people were in Luxor, Egypt. While they were there they had a bandana made for me with my name written on it, in heiroglyphics!

Those symbols say Oskar!

Even though I’m very proud of my new bandana, I just had to BATH so I did’t want to sit still, but I must say I look quite dapper!

I think this makes a great super-hero look, don’t you?

That’s it for today, but I haven’t even gotten to the biggest, best and most awaited package yet. I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Thank you my friends, your generosity is so wonderful and kind!

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I Got Pressies!

My mom person has been feeling sicky lately, but she felt well enough to take pictures of the present that I got from my best friends JD & Max from all the way in England!

Hmm, smells like the United Kingdom & treats!!

My mom person says it’s an advent calender. One treat for each day from December 1st until Christmas!

But it’s not December yet!

This smells SOO good, please can I have one now?

Oh thank you! These treats taste even better cause they’re from my friends!

Thank you so much to JD & Max & their mom person Clare!


Joy, Charlie & Sammy Rock!!

O.K., so yesterday my mom person came in and said I had a package in the mail. I didn’t recall ordering anything, so I was stumped.

Well, when we opened the card, we found out it was from our friend Joy from Joy To The Blog & her pets Charlie & Sammy.

They knew that I had worried about the cats that live here throwing up on my nesting pillows,


so they actually bought me this super cute (but very manly) pillow as a back up !!!


I tried to take it outside, but my mom person said no, it could only go outside if I’m sharing the hammock with someone.


They also sent this cool hoof for me to chew on.


It did make my mom person throw up in her mouth a little bit.


But my boy Jack thought it was cool. He even used it as a nose.


Yes, that is a side mirror behind Jack. A side mirror that is no longer attached to my mom person’s van. She says it’s because my other boy John David drives now. She got kind of excited about it.

Anyway back to me! Good thing I had my new backup pillow.


I thought it would be the cats I needed to fend off from my nest, but it turned out that I had a different traitor in my midst!


So thanks & wags to Joy & Charlie & Sammy. It was really nice of you to think of me. Plus I think the colors of this new pillow are really more me. I think I’m an Autumn!