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Whoo-Hoo, I Deaded Me A Possum

Just like my mighty friend Puddles, I has deaded me a critter!

It was a dark & stormy night.  OK, it was just a breezy night, but I smelled the wretched stench of interlopers in my territory.

After some quick maneuvering I had my prey.  A viscious possum!

I hunted him and deaded him all by myself.  I am Oskar mighty warrior!

*note from Oskar’s mom person.  Oskar scared the possum into playing dead.  We can’t tell him that though because his ego could not stand the blow.  No possums were deaded in the making of this post.  Just please don’t tell Oskar!


Look At Me Now!

Since Blogger (and those pesky squirrels) decided to eat my layout my mom person decided it was time for a new one.

We found the amazing background at Hot Bliggity Blogs.  They have tons of great choices and very easy instructions for installing the backgrounds.

Then my mom person said that we needed a new header to match.  We contacted them & Casey responded immediately.  We had our first contact with her about noon & I had a whole new header installed by 5:00!

Casey helped us position the new header correctly and was very concerned to make the header just what we wanted.

We’re not getting any deals or green papers for this, we just wanted to let you know that Hot Bliggity Blogs is a great place to go if you want to update your blog!

Now I know you want to see pictures of moi, so here are a couple of me relaxing after all that work. *note from Oskar’s mom person, Casey did all the work, but we’ll let Oskar think he helped*

I hope you all like my new fun look!