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Little Spring Flowers

Today my mom person wanted to post a picture of me sitting in all of the little wildflowers in the back yard.

I sat and let her take a picture of me.

She wasn’t happy with that picture.  I wasn’t happy with sitting there.

I left.  It’s spring, with things to see & smell & do!  I don’t want to sit still with that flashy box in my face!

Here is another picture of the flowers to tide you over.

I hope whatever you do today, it does not involve sitting still on a glorious spring day, unless it’s your idea!

The Way To A Good Picture!

Now friends, we all talk about how much we hate the flashy box, but we’ve got to let our people take our picture sometimes, or else we wouldn’t have blogs, right?

Here is how I imagine the picture taking session goes in many households:

Mom person: OooosKar!


Mom person: Hey Oskar, boy! *jumping around*


Mom person: Cookie?

NOW we see eye to eye!

Friends, if you are giving off your best picture-face without the enticement of food, I say that you are giving in too easily, BOL!