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More Fun With Blue Ball!

When I’m playing with my blue ball, or to use his proper name, Blue, I really like him to get a feel for things so I put him in the dirt as much as possible.

Wait I know a great spot!

I can dig a great new hole over here.  My mom person likes it so much when I help with the landscaping like this she yells and waves her arms with joy!

I put Blue in the hole for maximum dirt-spit mixing, of course.  Perfect!

Needs more spit.

Okay, I’m ready chase me now.

Ooh here’s my propeller too.  I guess I better start the process all over again!


RIP Quorra

My oldest boy John David has rats.  Unfortunately the momma rat, Quorra passed away on Sunday.

I didn’t really like rats living in my house, but I sure didn’t want her to cross the bridge, either.

John is very sad so I’m going to cuddle him as much as possible.

RIP little Quorra.

*I am sorry to add the the beautiful, graceful, one-of-a-kind, Lilac of Tales & Tails has crossed the bridge with her people’s help.  She’ll make one amazing angel.


Hooray, My Personal Space Heater Is Back!

My people got out my personal space heater for me last night.  It’s meant to warm my personal space, but look what happened!

A kitty, right there warming HER personal space!


I made sure to get on the other side, before Chloe came and took it!

Thanks mom person, I love my personal space heater even if I do have to share it!

*Note from Oskar’s Mom Person: I want to thank you all so very much for all of your kind words about my bi-polar treatment.  Pet blogging friends are honestly the nicest people I know and all of your comment love makes this difficult time a litte easier.  xoxo


Woozle Troubles

Yes, I’m having a bad woozle day, what’s it to you, woman?

Can you back up out of my face.  I really don’t see what’s so exciting.

Fine!  I’m awake.  You’ve gotten your shot, now leave.  I hope my darling Bella doesn’t see me like this!

I’m not looking at you anymore…

You will rue the day that I figure out how to use that flashy box on you!

I’m sorry we have not been around to see all of my bloggy friends. 

My mom person is going to an outpatient place where they are trying to help her with her bi-polar sickies.  She’s gone all day & I only get to go out in the morning & the afternoon & there’s no one to play with me, but I don’t care about all of that, I just want her to figure out how to be happy again.

We’ll see you when we can, friends & hopefully by then my woozle will be in some sort of non-embarassing state!

*stupid flashy box*


Blog the Change

Today is post number 501 for me (woot) and I wanted to use it to Blog the Change.

The economy has gotten the animal adpotion shelters full of unwanted animals who sit in cages day after day, wondering what happened to the people who were supposed to take care of them.

I have one really easy way that you can help.  Click here to go to Pet Blogs United and ask a question of Mike Arms, president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California and all around orphaned animal angel.

Mike has agreed to answer reader questions left on this post and Iams has agreed to donate 10 bowls of food for each question asked.

I have to tell you that I’m a little dissapointed, the post on PBU has had almost 100 views, but only 3 questions asked so far.  This is a guaranteed way to help homeless animals, 1 question = 10 bowls of Iams food to help those who might go hungry.

I usually keep it pretty lighthearted here in my little corner of Blogville, but today I am imploring you to click over to PBU and leave Mike a question.  Let’s get some of those hungry little tummies full!