And Then Her Whole Head Turned Yellow!

So I’ve been gone for like 6,987 days even thought it says right up there “The Daily Oskar.

Well, so my mom person wasn’t feeling very good.  She kept getting dizzier & weaker & I got very much worried about her.

She went to the emergency room & they said “hmm, her eyebulbs is yellow!”  Then all the Dr.’s talked and decided to keep her there where I can’t make her better!

My mom person said she woke up the next day in the hosptial and her whole head had turned yellow!  Now yellow is her favorite color, but this was not an attractive look.  She said she looked like Lisa Simpson!


They kept her there for 6 nights trying to figure out why her liver was giving her the yellow making jaundice.  She doesn’t drink the al-ke-hols, so they decided that it was her Bi-polar medications, which keep her from being a total miserable spaz, that was tickin’ off her liver.  They took away all of the medicines that made her feel like a whole happy, person inside & now she’s back to being a miserable spaz.  An unhappy one.

She goes to her brain Dr. tomorrow to try & figure out how to make her bi-polars calm the heck down.

And I get to be nappin’ right along with her to make sure that those yellow heebie-jeebies don’t get her again.

If you could all cross your paws that they get her feelin’ good again I would really appreciate it.  She’s been gone to this hospital waaaaaaay too many times.  On a selfish note, I have heard whispers of a nudie-cut in my future, so crossed paws for me may be in order too!



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  1. I bet your Mama looks lovely in yellow. It's such a cheerful, lovely colour ;0)

    I hope the docs can get this all figure out again, so that she can feel better. Sending loves your way!

  2. Poor Mom, doesn't sound like much fun to us at all. We hope the doctor can figure out something to make her be better.

    Meanwhile it IS getting a lot warmer these days, Oskar, so maybe that short cut will help keep you cooler and LOOK cool too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Ooh, yellow – I guess we have to support our humans in their lifestyle choices!

    Have you tried licking the yellow off her? Even if the colour doesn't go away, I find that puppy kisses are very good for increasing a human's happiness quotient.

    She's very lucky she has you to look after her, Oskar, even if she does make you have a nudie cut (actually, there's nothing wrong with getting a bit nekkid over summer, it's very comfortable)!

    Puppy kisses (and extra ones for your human)

  4. Hi Oskar
    I hope the drs find something new to help your momma. Maybe some new medication will change her to a different color.
    Thank goodness your there to take care of her. Thank goodness she is home and not in that horsepital.

  5. Oh Oskar,
    Your poor Mommy! The nedicines all being gone is not funs! That happened with our Daddy! They has been changing his and he has been sleeping lots. Me knows yous will take care of your Mommy.
    We sends lots of healing purrs and Kisses

  6. Oskar, you look so handsome in your photo and if its time for you to get a haircut, please RUN AND HIDE. I am so sorry Mommy is feeling yellow and blue at the same time. My Mommy has problems like that too, but so far she isn't turning colors. I hope your Mom gets better soon and the Doctor can figure it out so she doesn't turn colors except maybe tan in the summer. Mommy is going to say a prayer and I have paws crossed for both of you.

    Loveys Sasha

  7. We're sending lots of prayers, purrs and woofs that the doctors are able to make your Mom feel better.
    Secretly, we bet you like the nudist cut, especially as the days get warmer…right? Right, Oskar? 😉

  8. Oh Oskar!! Your poor Mom-person!! I'm so sorry to hear about this latest thing – it seems so unfair that she barely recovers from one thing and is just happy & home again…and then something else happens! And we think she is so amazing & brave to deal with it so cheerfully (as we can see yhrough your blog) – there is no evidence of "miserable spaz" at all!! Anyway, we will be thinking of her from far away and keeping everything crossed that the brain doctors can figure out what the problem is and help her get back "on balance"!

    Honey the Great Dane

  9. Hey Oskar – give our love to your yellow mom person, she doesn't deserve all those pokes and prods at the hospitals!! My mum's eyes turned yellow once after one of the horribles scans where they inject you with dye first, but it went away after a few hours.

    Sending big schnauzer licks and hugs to your mom, look after her!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

    PeeS: We love her even when she is a spaz!!

  10. Oskar darl,
    You have been gone for AGES my friend…and a lot has happened since. You take care of uour mummy, give her all the loving you can. We will purrrr and pray and ask God to bless her. We love you Oskar. purrr…..meow!

  11. I am sorry your mom is sick and that she turned that color yellow. That would be scary. We will be praying for her.

  12. Yellow is such a cheeful color but it doesn't sound like it's working for your mom. My paws are crossed that the docs can fix her up quickly!

    Love ya lots,

  13. We are sending our most powerful healing vibes and have our paws crossed! You have a big job there Oskar, helping your Mum feel better..

    Smooches, Bella (D & R)

  14. BIG purrs from all of us, and good luck from Mommy and Daddy. We know here all too well the misery of bad meds.

  15. Oskar, you know we will have paws crossed that your mum gets better real soon and finds some meds that are right for her. Hey, on the other hand, a mum with a yellow head, how cool is that! It would have been a blast for 'show and tell' for you at your local park hehe. Seriously, take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  16. Golly Oskar a yellow Mom. That would have freaked me out! :O Sure hope your Mom feels her happy self again real soon!

    Waggin at ya,

  17. Oh Dog! This is so sad. Why can't they figure out a way to make medicines work right for people and not create more problems?

    I hope your mom is back feeling better soon, and this time with a medication dosage that doesn't cause physical damage to her body.

  18. oh poor mammy there!My mammy and I are sending prayers for her faster recover!
    love to your hearts
    Luna – WE LOVE LUNA

  19. Hope your Mommy is feeling better! I'm sure once you get your nudie haircut your Mommy will feel well enough to take a million pictures of you. How come whenever we have bad hair days or whenever our hair doesn't lay right after a haircut — that's when the cameras come out?

  20. Oh noes, we came to visit and heard this yellow news and how scary is that, for all of you…we are hoping that purrs help, but we are glad you will be able to woof and slobber on your mom again soon!

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