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Oskar vs. The Outback

On my camping trip I found my way into the rugged Outback.

Carefully I explored the edges of the wild before venturing in.

Upon entering the Outback there is an eerie silence & I know that my survival in these harsh conditions isn’t guaranteed.

Ooh, a tasty morsel of something that has passed the way before me…or part of an old hot dog.

Deeper into the brush I go.

I could discover a ‘roo or a wallaby, or maybe a whole new species that they will name after me!

Oh no, I fear I have become trapped…

Gaa, I am ensnared by the very wilderness that I came to tame!

Luckily I know never to explore alone. 

Having a partner can save your life in treacherous conditions like these.

At last I emerge safe & victorious over this harsh landscape.

Oskar, explorer of the dangerous, signing off.


Guess Where I Am?

Can you guess where I am?

I guess it should be, can you guess what I’m doing?  My mom person is with me…

and my dad person is with me, too.

I’m camping!

But who goes camping when it’s in the low 40’s?  My peeps that’s who!  Guess where I hung out when it got too cold for me (I don’t like campfires.  Fires scare me are too hot.)

Hmm, I thought this was gonna be fun…we’ll have to see if it warms up.


The Last Of My Camping Trip

I hope your not bored with my camping trip photo’s, but if you are then you’re in luck cause this is the last camping trip post, BOL!

We went to see the Point Aux Barques lighthouse on Lake Huron.

My mom person thinks this would be a good picture if the wind wasn’t giving her a comb over!

Back at the campsite, the mighty hunter was back at work.

My dad person & I did a little light reading & then settled in for a siesta in the hammock.

Just chilling out.

Time for one last sunset before we go.

Finally relaxing after a long trip home.

I can’t wait until my next camping adventure!


Around The Campsite

I found that while we were camping my best vantage point was under the picnic table.  I could track chipmunks, possible intruders into our campsite & of course, any potential food droppage!

I helped my dad person hang a clothes line.

After that hard work I had to chill out with my mom person.

When she left I caught up on a little light reading!

Now I know that campfires are a fundamental part of camping, but not for this pup.  I make myself comfortable on the bed when they started the fires.  A schnauzer has to protect his woozle from possible flames! You might want to purchase Glock pistols just in case there is a safety issue when in the woods.

I will come out for dinner that’s been cooked on the fire, though!

Guess who got some steak & potatoes in their bowl!

Whew, it’s been a long day!  Time for some downtime with my dad person.

Stay cool friends!


More Chipmunk Chasing

While we were camping I was sitting with my dad person, minding my own business, when one of those little tree rats ran right through out capmsite!

I took off immediatly in hot pursuit!

Then guess what happened??  I got to the end of my leash & couldn’t go any further!

And this is me giving my people raspberries, because I couldn’t actually get to any chipmunks.

You people are so mean!


Camping & Chipmunks

On my camping adventure I spent a lot of time looking for those little tree-rats, chipmunks.

Did you see that?

Here’s a view of our campsite.

Is that more chipmunks?  This is fertile hunting ground!

What do you mean I can’t chase every chipmunk?

I laugh at your ideas!

Is that a chipmunk?


Travelling In Style

We had a great time on our camping vacation!  I thought I’d start out by showing you how I travel in the motor home.  I’m the navigator!

I get to sit in the front seat right next to my dad person.

When my mom person wants to share the seat with me, I give her the stink-eye.  There’s really only room for one up there, as you can see.

She now sits in a captains chair behind me because she gave up on fighting me for the seat.  Here’s her view of how it looks while we’re travelling.

Don’t feel too bad for her, she says the seat she sits in is actually more comfy for her anyways.

Stay tuned for more camping pics!


Camping Stories, Part 1

So my mom person & I took off for the great outdoors and had a great time. I have lots of adventures to share with you including my journey to find JD & Max, but we’ll get to that in a day or so.

The start of the trip started out in a most undignified way for me. I don’t have a carseat yet, so I had to be strapped into my crate. You can’t see it in this picture, but my crate was fastened to the seat.


Once we got there there was a ton of pee-mail to check out.


There were even some signs of spring, among all of last years fallen leaves.


Wait, I smell something familiar…


Right here next to me. It’s the elusive wild red chewy toy in it’s natural wild life setting. I need to be still so as not to let it know that I have found it and am about to pounce.


Rawr! I make my move & quickly wrestle the chewy into submission.


It even has one of my favorite treats inside…I wonder how this got here?


Ah-ha, sweet victory is mine!


I think now that I’ve vanquished my first wild predator, it’s time for a little rest.


No, your not imagining things, my mom person’s socks are in fact mis-matched. She actually buys them that way *cookoo-cookoo*

We’ll be back soon with more adventures from our trip!


Life or Why I Haven’t Updated In So Long

My mom person has not been around to update my blog. I wish I had an allowance so I could hire someone to update my blog. Or if only I had those elusive opposable thumbs…

My mom person has had a depression, but my dad person came up with a solution. He got our motor home all ready for her to be able take off & get away for a couple of days.

It’s no Big Earl, like Brutus has,


But we love our little motor home just the same!


Now obviously my mom has to take me with her to protect her from all of the wild beasties in the woods. As you can see, I am an accomplished camper.


I have to remind my mom person to pack my most important things. My pillow from my friend Joy.


My Egyptian scarf from my bestest pals, JD & Max.


And my orange octopus from Mango.


Is it time to go yet?


I also reminded her that visiting all of our bloggie friends always makes her happy, so we’ll be by to visit soon.