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The Story About Our Cats

Many people ask why I don’t like that cats that live here with me, but I have many cat blogging friends.

The cats that live with me swot me on the nose for no good reason at any given time.

I’m very respectful of them, even when they stick their noses in my bum!  Here’s proof.

Now Chloe has no good reason for being back there, except to bother me.  And she bothers me whenever she feels like it.  I don’t bark at the kitties, I don’t chase them, but they live to antagonize me!

I’d love to be their friends if only they would learn to play nice.  However it is my understanding that cats consider themselves above the rules, and probably won’t change anytime soon!


Kitty Caturday

Since it’s the time when my mom person forces me to share time for Kitty Caturday, here are some delightful pictures of Chloe playing.

You’d think she’d have a little more discretion so we didn’t have to cover her with stars, but she’s shameless.

She’s all hopped up on the nip and obvioulsy showing no sense of decorum.

This concludes out Kitty Caturday post.


No Squirrel Is Coming In My Yard!

Here I am, sound asleep, when my Oskie senses start tingling!

I knew it!  A big fat squirrel trying to infiltrate my territory!


I sprang into action after him, telling him that this was my yard.

He ran up that tree pretty fast & yelled at me the whole time. 

From now on I’ll have to keep a closer watch.

If you haven’t been yet, hop over to Pet Blogs United & enter to win the Hartz Angry Birds Pet Toy prize pack.  We have one for cats & one for dogs.  Look around while you’re there, cause there are several great giveaways that have been running all week, with more to come tomorrow!



I got groomed today.  I must have been super-duper bad because after my grooming I got this again.

My mom person says I look pitiful enough in these 2 pictures, that she won’t put these on me again except for maybe once.  I maybe believe her.

You can however see my new H. L. Whitingham collar.

Here’s a nice picture of it without the humiliation piled on.

The day ended well with our first mini game of Chase-It.  We’ll be doing a review & giveaway of this on Pet Blogs United soon.

My dad person calls it Fishing For Oskars!

This makes up a little bit for the grooming, but not for those horrible antlers!


Oh No, Snow!

Yesterday I looked out my window & saw THIS!

Blue is out there, he must be freezing!

C’mon, Blue let check this out.

It’s coming from this way…

Ugh, it’s coming from over here too!

OK, here’s the deal.  I know some of your doggies get crazy-happy over the snow, so you let me know where you live & I’m going to send all of my snow your way, OK?

Today I also want to thank all of the veterans who have kept us all safe.  From my mom person’s grandpa who drove a tank during WWII, to her dad who was drafted during Vietnam, but luckily spent all of his service time stateside, to the young man or woman our John’s age who is fighting for us right now, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.