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It’s Melting!

My last post was about how snowy I get, but we’ve had a warm up lately. You know what means…mud!

I’m enjoying it, but my mom person is not. So far she has made me have 3 baths today. Every time I get myself good & muddy, she wrecks it all!

Look at all this good mud, just going down the drain!

The whole thing is just exhausting!


Oskar & The Devil Squirrel

Camera Critters

*Oskar’s note: My mom person wouldn’t make me a new post for today’s Camera Critters on account of she almost ate a spider that was in her breakfast, & now she feels “pukey”. Mom, I said, spiders are yummy. A little crunch on the outside with a soft creamy center. Then she made me go outside. I will never figure these people out!*

One rainy, muddy backyard


+ one devil squirrel


= one filthy tub


& one wet, disgruntled schnauzer!


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