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They’re Not Too Photogenic

My mom person is slowly getting better (too slowly), but I convinced her and my dad person to send out a nice New Years Greeting.

You’ll see that this is yet another amazing picture of me.  They look a little crazy.

Here’s one where they look closer to acceptable.

I’m looking into the future, into 2012, thinking about how much fun 2012 is going to be.

Happy New Year!!!

PhotobucketAnd Family

Playing With Blue & My Mom Person

I’m tryin’ to get my mom person out of the house more, since our light is fading fast.  She’s not too thrilled with these photo’s of herself, but it’s my blog, so I insisted!

She tries & fails to get Blue from me.  I don’t really do the fetch part of fetching, bol!

Now she’s trying to trick me into trading Blue for my propeller.

Kick it far!!

Playing with my mom person & Blue, and getting to scatter all the fall leaves…it doesn’t get much better.

I hope you’re having some fall fun!


Hey Mom…

Hey mom, do you want to go outside?


Really!  You will?

All right, let me choose a toy.

It’s another blue ball day!


First I’ll squeak it…

Then I’ll fly with it!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m glad she listened to me 🙂


Can’t Sleep

Last night my mom person &  I couldn’t sleep we we moved onto the sunporch so as not to disturb my dad person.

Mom brough out blankets and pillows so that we could be cozy on the couch.

My end of the couch is all set, I was surprised to see she didn’t bring out any pillows or blankets for herself.  The far end of the couch won’t be as comfortable for her.

I hope she doesn’t keep me up when she finally goes to get herself pillows and blankets.


Life Is Good!

Guess what?

She’s back here with me, right where she belongs!

We’re getting ready for a camping adventure next week, so we may be gone a little more, but we’ll have lots of great photos and adventures to share when we return!

And again a huge thank you and hugs to all of you who send love, prayers, good vibes and get well wishes for my mom person.  They really lift her mood when she is trapped in that nasty hospital.  We’ve discussed it and I’ve told her that she won’t be going back there any time soon!


Sickies & Ask The Vet

We are behind in our blogging & visiting because my mom person’s chronic stomach condition is really not cooperating or playing nice.  She has been most useless lately, BOL. 

I’ve been snuggled up on the couch with her trying to fix her.

I’m so devoted that I’m even napping without her, just to keep in practice.

She really wants all of you to know how much your well wishes and prayers mean to her.  It really does help more than we can tell you.

She does have a Skype interview scheduled tomorrow with Dr. Marci Campion, Iams Scientific Relations Manager.  We’re going to be talking dog food so if you have any questions you’d like me to ask her about dog or cat food, leave them in the comments and we’ll see how many we can fit in.

We’re going to try to hop over to all of your blogs this afternoon and see what you’ve all been up to.


Happy Mother’s Day!

From my furmom, Shelly, who was solid white and had 8 all black babies,

To my mom person, Pam who does so much blogging for me,

(Oopsie, she hates that picture!)

To all the fur & people moms out there, I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous Mother’s Day!


My Mom Person Fell Down…

…again.  She falls a lot.  She is sarcastically called Grace.  It happened yesterday on Easter when she missed the bottom step, hit her head on a wall and then had a pan that was hanging on the wall actually land on her head.  As a blogger she was sorry that there was not picture of this.

She has a broken fibula and what the Dr. called a 3 month sprain, but she is very happy because she doesn’t have to wear a cast, just this little boot thing.

Of course this means limited walkies for me, but I’m glad she’s OK.  I would have liked to see her with the pan on her head though!

Are your people accident prone?