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Can’t Sleep

Last night my mom person &  I couldn’t sleep we we moved onto the sunporch so as not to disturb my dad person.

Mom brough out blankets and pillows so that we could be cozy on the couch.

My end of the couch is all set, I was surprised to see she didn’t bring out any pillows or blankets for herself.  The far end of the couch won’t be as comfortable for her.

I hope she doesn’t keep me up when she finally goes to get herself pillows and blankets.


Winter Activities

I have bloggy friends who have pawsome winter adventures.  They snowshoe, or hike to frozen waterfalls.  The chances of my mom person doing that with me?

Sorry, I just had to laugh.  She is not a winter person.  This is what I do on very cold winter days.

Enjoy your hikes, I’ll meet you all out there in the spring!


Our Christmas Quilt

A lot of you commented on my cozy quilt picture from yesterday & I wanted to share some more about it with you cause it’s the bestest quilt in the world!

My Monnie, which is what we call my human grandma, made it all by hand and my mom person’s family all helped tie the quilt.  It’s huge so we can all snuggle together & it’s really gorgeous!

There’s also a hand made matching tree skirt and garland.  (Notice how with this quilt I’m kindly sharing my personal space heater with Moe?)

I hope you have some special holiday things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside! 


My Nest Is My Own Again!

In my last post I showed you how my special schnauzer pillow had been commandeered by my dad person.

Well he had to work like 26 hours today, so while my mom person was busy working I had all of my pillows all to myself.

I’d better double check that this is all of them. 

I am king of all pillows, I am Oskar, miniature schnauzer in charge.  Most supreme of all nest makers!



Fall Is Here

It’s cool and breezy here.  My mom person says about 60 degrees.  Time to burrow in until we get an Indian Summer.

Bundling up is really the only way to go.  I hid my stupid Snuggie, who wouldn’t want to snuggle in a handmade quilt instead!

Then my mom person told me that my boy Jack was starting school again tomorrow.

Now I’m sad.

Sad, but still really handsome, right?


There’s Only So Much A Schnauzer Can Take

O.K. we’ve already established that Buster is back & making himself at home on my nest. But today, he crossed the line.

Here’s a shot of his perfectly good food and water dishes. Notice how he has lots of food that I’m not allowed to eat.

Well, he decided to take a sip of my water. I was good with that. Notice the food bowl next to it.

Then this happened!

Look! Look what he did!

Sometimes it’s all too much for a little dog to take. *sigh*

At least my mom person fixed the nest situation by offering Buster a feather pillow.

My mom person says that he is old & we have to leave him alone and be extra nice to him. He won’t even play with me in the yard. It’s gonna be a long week.

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